Futurama – Don’t date robots from John Pope on Vimeo.

As illustrated in the above sex with robots video.

We, men, amass fortune to have sex.
We groom to have sex.
We go out to have sex.
Eliminate that incitative and the world wouldn’t be like he is right now.

Why should we bother when all our basic sexual needs are taken care of, by ourself?


Porn, VR Porn, a Fleshlight or a sex robot is maybe all we need to have great sex aka mega-orgasms and independency at low cost without any trouble, a complete absence of bullshit, no drama and no waste of time?

I think there will be more and more people quitting the dating game and actual sex to became PORNOSEXUAL for convinience and pleasure.

Pornosexual is someone who prefer to fap watching porn rather than finding sexual partners.

Pornosexuality is about two things. Porn and Masturbation


Why bother with sex when you have every fantasy in the world available at one of your hands?

Why going out to find a bitch to have sex with when you can just sit at home, live out your fantasies on the computer and have everything you want night after night? 

Numerous advantages to pornosexuality include:

  • no more BS and uninteresting conversation
  • no waste of time and money on dating
  • no risk of pregnancy
  • no risk of STD’s being transmitted
  • no risk of engagement and marriage
  • no sexual harassment lawsuit
  • no lame sex with dry cunts
  • able to have sex when you want without depending on pussies
  • the sex is always good
  • no relationship issues like disappointment, compromise, jealousy, cheating partner or even worse, visiting the in-laws.

… need I say more?

Yeah I must admit, I’m a misanthrope.

Self-sufficiency has always been a dream of socialist dictators (Stalin, Mao, Hitler…). So why not being self-sufficient and self-reliant sexually as an individual?!

“If I had the chance to get all the porn I’ve ever wanted since the age of 13. I would have been completely self-sufficient. Saving a lot of money and a lot of trouble by the way.” – PYGOD (Butt Fucker at PYGOD’s wives)

Please allow me to introduce myself.

I’m PYGOD, Butt Fucker at PYGOD’s wives

I’m a Sex Maniac, a Porno Junkie, a Chronic Wanker.


I love porn, I dig porn, porn is a big part of my life, porn is a vital part of my life.  Porn is as useful and important as my lungs are.  I actually prefers to jerks-off to porn than having sexual intercourses.  Girls are so much troubles and bullshit.

Technically speaking, I don’t give a damn if you erase all women from the face of the earth as long as I can keep my porn.

Time is Money. My Time is my most prescious Currency. So I don’t have time to waste chasing whores. I don’t have time to waste on a girlfriend.

Who need a girlfriend when you have a Harem? My Harem of PYGOD‘s wives is my Perfect World of Perfect Women.


Yes this is my wedding ring!

And I’m deeply fond of my PYGOD‘s wives, my carefully chosen all time all around the world favorite girls.  These girls are the most beautiful and sluttiest women of all time.

This website/blog is dedicated to my passion for porn and my beloved PYGOD‘s wives.

Remember you don’t need to be a beta loser to be a pornosexual.
It’s hard to be more alpha male than the ex-NFL player, multi millionaire actor & ‘The Fittest Man In HollywoodTerry Crews.

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