As you can see, this website, the, is entirely dedicated to celebrate my beloved PYGOD‘s wives.

Here is the story of my Harem Slave Girls, the PYGOD’s wives.

There are four defining timelines/numbers in the PYGOD’s wives story.

The Top 10 PornStars Harem,

The 40 Women Harem

The 72 Porn Stars

And the still to come, 101 Women Harem.

When I used to fuck everything that move.  I’ve built a list, a pretty impressive one.  A list of all the girls I have sex with.
The list was not only a serie of names.  Hell no! All the girls were noted and evaluated on two criterias:
Physique and Performance

But the numerous girls on my fuck list aren’t the girls who gave me the most pleasure.

The girls who gave me the most pleasure are by far My PYGOD’s wives: The most beautiful and sluttiest girls of all time. Via those girls, I have invaluable hours of pleasure and countless orgasms.

Those girls are my all time favorite pornstars and I rightfully considers them as my wives.

And they got a list of their owns.It’s all begun with a top ten list.  At the beginning, my top 10 all time pornstars list was supposed to be absolute.  Just those 10 sex icons and nothing else.

But being an insatiable porno fan and having never enough of anything.  You can imagine that my initial top 10 list became a top 15, then the top 15 became a top 18 (I like this number), and then the top 18 became a top 20 list.

Now, with my top 20 list of my favorite pornstars wives.  I said, why should I satisfy myself with only 20 girls.  So why not a top 100 list of my favorite pornstars?..The largest harem of all time was 16 000 women, so why should I limit myself to my initial top ten pornstars list?? The luckiest man ever, owner of 16 000 women, the largest harem of all time was King Tamba of Banaras (6th century BC)
Just imagine that, enough girls to fill a stadium just for you!!
Wow!  That’s so fuckin’ AWESOME!!

That’s one of the many reasons that explains my lifelong fascination for dictators. But with my top pornstars/wives list, I’m not pursuing a big number at all cost.  Contrary to my fuck list were the biggest the number, the better it is.
Nothing like my pornstars/wives list.  No!  Not at all!
Unlike my serial fucker hits list who is all about quantity.  My all time top pornstars wives list is all about extreme quality and excellence.

Each pornstars on my list are carefully selected by many criterias. Physique and performance are evidently two basic criterias. The number of orgasms procured via the girl is vital. But the chemistry that I feel between me and the pornstar is the most important. So, it can be very long before I decide to add a girl on my list.

But once a pornstar has a spot on my list, she remains at that position forever.  No matter the new candidates! The number one will always be number one and the number 10 will always be number 10. Once you’re a PYGOD’s wives you’re a PYGOD’s wives forever.

Each of my 40 PYGOD’s wives and concubines have a number. But this number isn’t really a ranking, it’s more of a chronological induction list. Just like an Hall Of Fame.

What is magical with porn is that you have all the convenience without any inconvenient.
No dating, no blah blah blah, no BS, no romance…  Just perfect girls with perfect physiques, perfect beauty, and perfect performances.
No BS, just the best, fuck the rest!

I have an insatiable search and quest for adding new exceptional pornstars on my PYGOD‘s wives Harem. Here are my criterias below.

PYGOD’s wives criterias

In my world, to be a PYGOD‘s wives, the supreme honor a woman can get is to be one of my beloved PYGOD‘s wives.

To be a PYGOD‘s wives must:

1th- She must be hot!

2nd- She must be dirty!

3rd- Obviously, she must be a porn star.

4th- I must see her feet and her getting a facial cumshot. She must have perfect sexy feet. And she must enjoy facial cumshots. Bareback fuck. Bisexual girl.

5th- And most importantly, SPARKS. It must be a kind of chemistry between me and my PYGOD‘s wives. A love crush!

Sometimes a girl is hot and got all the basic criterias, the big plus, and a high score on the Sluttiness Scale. But without the magic sparks, she just can’t be a PYGOD‘s wives.


1- Rimjob to male. I can’t resist a girl diggin’ her tongue in a man ‘s asshole.

2- Getting Hand Over Mouth (HOM) handgagged. I’ve got a serious handgag fetish.

3- Femme Fontaine AKA Squirt.

EXTREME SLUTTINESS SCALE: (The slutiest they are the better they are.)

1- Anal (Almost mandatory)

2- Double Penetration (DP)

3- Squirt facial are highly appreciated. (Annette Schwarz, Eva Angelina, Belladonna, Tori Welles, Tanner Mayes, Tiana Lynn, Bree Olson)

4- Piss (Golden Shower) A woman getting pissed in her mouth and face is a unique sight of sluttiness. (Annette Schwarz, Jayna James, Belladonna, Ariana Jollee, Tanner Mayes, Sexy Cora, Kristi Myst, Monica Mattos, Vandal Vyxen, Kirie Cantaloupes, Selvaggia)

5- Screwing with fans and ugly people. (Jasmin St. Claire)

6- Screwing with shemale / tranny. (Ariana Jollee, Belladonna, Cindy Crawford, Annette Schwarz, Mana Izumi, Janine Lindemulder, Sexy Cora, Sara Jay, Monica Mattos, Mandy Muse, Vandal Vyxen)

7- Prolapse Licking (PL). I’m talking about you Selvaggia.

8- And the Ultimate act of sluttiness. Bestiality. Monica Mattos

For sure, the number of jerks-off she gave me is critical in her nomination. Since at the end of the day, it’s my cock who decides.

And remember my friend, when you’re a PYGOD‘s wives. You’re a PYGOD‘s wives 4 ever.

I asked myself only one question to made my selection.

Who are the most beautiful, sluttiest, sexiest, hottest women of all time? The ones that I would like to have and fuck for eternity.

Empress Virgin Mary
I created The Perfect Woman for Myself!
  1. Jenna Jameson,  anal
  2. Jasmin St. Claire, anal  DP  rimjob  HOM
  3. Jill Kelly, anal  DP  rimjob
  4. Debi Diamond, anal  DP  rimjob  HOM
  5. Raylene, anal  DP  rimjob  HOM
  6. JR Carrington,  anal  DP rimjob  HOM
  7. Gina Ryder,  anal  DP  rimjob
  8. Tina Cheri,  anal  DP  rimjob
  9. Alexandra Nice,  anal  DP  rimjob
  10. Nikita Denise,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM
  11. Tera Patrick,  anal  rimjob
  12. Nicole Sheridan,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM
  13. Candie Evans,
  14. Tori Welles,   anal
  15. Davia Ardell,   anal  rimjob  HOM
  16. Holly Body,  anal  DP
  17. Monique,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM
  18. Ariana Jollee,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM  shemale  piss
  19. Cindy Crawford,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM  shemale
  20. Eva Angelina,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM
  21. Belladonna,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM  shemale  piss
  22. Annette Schwarz,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM  shemale  piss
  23. Amy Anderssen/Jayna James,  anal  DP  rimjob  piss
  24. Pinky,
  25. Mana Izumi,  anal  DP  rimjob  shemale
  26. Janine Lindemulder,  rimjob  HOM  shemale
  27. Priya Rai,
  28. Tania Russof,  anal  DP
  29. Krystal Steal,
  30. Tanner Mayes,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM  piss
  31. Lacey Love,  anal  rimjob
  32. Lyndsey Love,  rimjob
  33. Madison Ivy,  anal  rimjob  HOM
  34. Mercedes Ashley,   rimjob
  35. Shyla Stylez,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM
  36. Anna Miller,
  37. Jayden Cole,  HOM
  38. Goldie Blair,  anal  DP  HOM
  39. Sasha Foxxx,  HOM
  40. Sexy Cora,  anal  DP  rimjob  shemale  piss
  41. Carmen Luvana,  anal  rimjob
  42. Carmen Armania,  anal  DP  rimjob
  43. Sara Jay,  rimjob  HOM shemale  
  44. Felecia,
  45. Alexa Parks,
  46. Kristi Myst,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM  piss
  47. Monica Mattos,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM  shemale  piss  Bestiality
  48. Bree Olson,  anal  rimjob  HOM
  49. Shay Sweet, anal
  50. Bonnie Rotten,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM
  51. Christy Mack,  anal  DP  HOM
  52. Misty Rain,  anal  DP  rimjob
  53. Bridgette B,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM
  54. Koni Demiko,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM
  55. Vivian Silverstone,  anal DP
  56. Jynx Maze,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM
  57. Mandy Muse,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM  shemale 
  58. Tiana Lynn,  anal  rimjob
  59. Jesse Jane,  anal  rimjob  HOM
  60. Joyce Oliveira,  anal  DP  HOM
  61. Holly Hendrix,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM
  62. Renee’s friend,
  63. Patricia Petite,  anal  DP
  64. Pamela Kayne,  anal  DP
  65. Elicia Solis,  rimjob  HOM
  66. Carmella Bing,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM
  67. Naomi Russell,  anal  DP  rimjob piss
  68. Vandal Vyxen,  anal  DP  rimjob  shemale  piss
  69. Rose Monroe,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM 
  70. Shelbee Myne,  anal  rimjob
  71. Asia Carrera,  anal  rimjob
  72. Asa Akira,  anal  DP  rimjob  HOM
  73. Karen Kam,
  74. Kira Noir, anal  DP  rimjob  HOM
  75. Heidi Van Horny, anal DP rimjob HOM
  76. Kirie Cantaloupes, anal DP rimjob piss
  77. Selvaggia, anal DP rimjob piss PL
  78. Jessi, anal rimjob
  79. Summer Storm, anal DP rimjob HOM

S.O.S.  Scale Of Sluttiness.

  • Facial: 77/79
  • Anal: 63/79
  • DP: 48/79
  • Rimjob To Male: 57/79
  • Hand Over Mouth handgagged: 40/79
  • Sex with Shemale: 11/79
  • Getting pissed on: 12/79
  • Prolapse Licking: 1/79
  • Bestiality: The one and only Monica Mattos.

P.L.  Peak Look.

  • Blonde: 36/79
  • Brunette: 37/79
  • Redhead: 5/79
  • Multicolor: 1/79
  • Big tits (D): 36/78
  • Big booty: 7/79  Pinky, Sara Jay, Christy Mack, Jynx Maze, Mandy Muse, Joyce Oliveira, Rose Monroe
  • Small tits: 12/79 (arguably 16)
  • Identical Twins: 2/79  The Love Twins
  • Ebony: 4/79  Monique, Pinky, Joyce Oliveira, Kira Noir
  • Asian: 5/79 Tera Patrick, Mana Izumi, Priya Rai, Asia Carrera, Asa Akira
  • Latina: 8/79 Eva Angelina, Mercedes Ashley, Carmen Luvana, Monica Mattos, Jynx Maze, Rose Monroe, Karen Kam, Jessi
  • Native American: 1/79 Felecia
  • Below 5-feet: 4/79 Davia Ardell (4’11”), Pinky (4’11”), Madison Ivy (4’11”), Holly Hendrix (4’10”),
  • Tall women: 6/79 Debi Diamond (6′), Nicole Sheridan (5’10”), Annette Schwarz (5’11”), Jayden Cole (5’10”), Carmella Bing (5’10”), Vandal Vyxen (5’10”)

Have fun and enjoy my celebration of the Feminine Beauty.

Me and my girls… sort of