100 Women Harem

Here below in smaller character is the ideal premise to begin this thread. It was written by FortunateBum on reddit.

You know how the world OUGHT TO BE?

I should have a harem of the world’s hottest 100 women, constantly rotated in and out as they age. At any moment I should be able to fuck any one of them. No one else should be able to fuck them under penalty of death. Also, they cannot refuse me sex under penalty of death.

Oh, and I should be the richest man in the world, royalty in my country, be completely above the law, have access to anything which exists.

Oh, and I also have magical, Godlike powers. I can snap my fingers and make my penis huge enough to fuck even the most hardcore sluts into mind-shattering orgasms.

That’s how the world OUGHT TO BE.

Now, my question: how do I achieve this goal?

An interesting fantasy and a very laudable goal from FortunateBum This is exactly the reason why I created my own world.

A 100 Women Harem, 101 Women precisely, is my next goal, the next step, the next stage.

Why 101? First and foremost, one of my all time favorite movies of any kind, The World’s Luckiest Man who had a reverse gangbang with 101 Porn Stars.

How will I get 101 PYGOD’s wives & concubines and maybe an Empress? Will I do it fast forward in an hurry like if I needed a casting of 101 Porn Stars as soon as possible to film a movie. Just like I did for my 72 Porn Stars Heaven Harem. I started from my 40 carefully hand-picked PYGOD’s wives and added my 32 all time favorite Porn Stars to complete my 72 Muslim Harem. Like if I had to leave for Heaven tomorrow. It was an interesting and fun exercise, a lot harder than you may think.

But it would be a lot harder to choose and add another 27 babes to my current 74-strong female Harem (as of today September 26, 2019). Since I usually jerk-off to my current Harem Slave Girls.

The real question is, will I do it in an hurry at the risk of diluting the quality of my potential future concubines? Or will me and my cock will carefully cherry-picking the very best of the best? Which will take a lot of time.

If the elephant seal does it, I can do it too.

After Cruella et les 101 Dalmatiens it could be…

PYGOD and his 101 Harem Slave Girls.