Empress Virgin Mary

Saturday, October 5, 2019 I’ve finally played Dr. Frankenstein in a long overdue effort to draw my Perfect Woman, my Virgin Mary. I’ve actually invented Virgin Mary a long time ago but I didn’t have the balls to draw her. I have drawn hundreds of Combatants for SLAUGHTERSPORT.COM but I’ve only drawn an handful of female characters up to date. So I was afraid that my talent were too limited to visually create my view of the Feminine Perfection.

Once again I’ve overcome the odds and created a damn respectable version of Virgin Mary, Empress Virgin Mary.

Unlike those two nerd faggots in Weird Science (1985), I’ve created The Perfect Woman to fuck her, not to play chess and try to get two skanky girlfriends at the mall?! That’s not the purpose! Goodbye to romance and sorry for equality. My Perfect Woman is a sex slave and a trophy. Period.

Here are the vital stats of my Perfect Woman, Empress Virgin Mary. Empress because she is ranked above all PYGOD’s wives & concubines and she is the second-in-command in my Harem.


  1. Empress (1)
  2. Wives (40)
  3. Concubines (35)


HEIGHT: 6′ (barefoot)

WEIGHT: 140 lbs (all muscle)

BOOBS: 38DD (enhanced); perpetually hard nipples.

WAIST: 24″ (with abs)

ASS: 36″ (bubble butt)

LEGS: 42″

SHOE SIZE: stilettos – 8

AGE: Forever 18

HAIR COLOR: Blonde/black/pink; Butt-length real hair (naturally light brown)

EYES: Blue

TEETH: Overbite; pearly white; smiling

LIPS: Pink lip gloss

SKIN TONE: Deep mahogany tan with tanlines

NAILS: Long, neon pink and real

FEET: Contrasting white wrinkled soles, short toes, short black toenails

PUSSY: Innie, landing strip

BODY TYPE: Athletic



TATTOOS: Tribal tramp stamp with writing “I love my God and Master. Property of PYGOD (an infinity sign inside a red circle). Forever Faithful.” ; “PYGOD” on her ring finger

PIERCINGS: Both Ears; Navel; Left Cheekbone; Tongue (two); Clit (removed)

JEWELRY: 18k gold chain with a ‘Virgin Mary’ pendant; large gold hoop earrings, diamond stud earrings; diamond wedding rings on ring finger of both hands; gold bracelets; big gold & diamond mens wrist watch; gold belly chain; gold ankle chains; toe rings.

PERFUME: Désirable de Lise Watier

PERSONALITY: Submissive with PYGOD. Dominant with fellow Harem Slave Girls. Bimbo.

LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Spanish, French, English. I like sexy accents.

ACCENT: Spanish


  • Femme fontaine. Can squirt multiple times during sex.
  • Perfectly healthy
  • Sterilized
  • Extremely flexible
  • Always naked, barefoot, coiffed, wearing makeup and jewelry, smiling
  • Everything is real except her boobs, eyelashes, and hair color.

SEXUAL WILLINGNESSES: Everything PYGOD wants and everything to please him.

Empress Virgin Mary keeps all her sexual energy for her God and Master, PYGOD… She uses her size and strength advantage to womanhandle fellow Harem Slave Girls during PYGOD’s reverse gangbangs. She loves to fuck them hard and fast with her strap-on.

Empress Virgin Mary is a creation of my brain and is in action in my brain. That’s the reason why my orgasms on her are so much better.

Author’s note: Thanks to Empress Virgin Mary I’m longer to start but my orgasms are so fuckin’ intense. Just like it was when I used to write “Wanking is my heroin”. Probably because there is more brain and imagination involved. After all, the brain is the most important sex organ. It’s such a good feeling to cum to my own creation!