For those who don’t know, Jeffrey Epstein was a well-connected filthy rich convicted sex offender who hanged himself in prison after being accused of operated an high-level sex ring involving minors.

Two before his suicide, Jeffrey Epstein signed his will where he disclosed his assets and estimated his entire net worth at exactly $577,672,654. But his source of wealth remain a mystery to this day.

Contrary to what he claimed, it seem that there is no evidence that Epstein ever operated as an hedge fund manager or a money manager of some sort.


The answer may seem unbelievable, so I need to explain it.

Jeffrey Epstein was a satyriasis (the masculine of nymphomaniac) and had the money to treat himself 3 times a day with young girls and he turned it into an industry. Just like I did with my porn websites!

His “hedge fund” was the ideal covert, so his clients could explain why they wired him money.

His “philanthropy meetings” offered the perfect opportunity for his clients to go to his private island without suspicion. For decades, Epstein built a reputation of respectability hanging out with Presidents, country leaders, royalty, philanthropists, Nobel Prize winners, A-list celebrities, etc.

Security and privacy. Epstein had his own 72-acre island in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Not a place to be bothered too much by cops or neighbors. The guy was god and ruler on his own island. Epstein was filthy rich, very well-connected, and had the facade of a respectable philanthropist. So I guess, his clients were doing whatever the fuck they wanted on his island without fear of reprisal. P.S. (Not so private and secure since it was alleged that all the dignitaries who were serviced by young gals were recorded. Oups!)

Securing cute young girls for companionship, exclusive parties, private and discreet meetings.

By now, I think you get the picture. Epstein made all of his money from Club Epstein.

Epstein’s Island

Your next question is: “How the fuck would he built an half-a-billion fortune by being a pimp?

In fact, Epstein was more than a pimp, he was a concierge. He ran a very exclusive social club delivering a service in-demand by a few very wealthy individuals (billionaires, royalty, world leaders, sheikhs, dictators, etc).

Let’s do the maths, a membership to Club Epstein could be sold at $20 Million and multiply that by 30 members. Then Epstein made $600 Million!

Pure speculation but nonetheless possible.

$20 Million seems a bit expensive for a brothel membership but keep in mind many billionaires give a lot more than this each year for various philanthropy. In the United States, some businessmen/college boosters gave more than this just to support their alumni football team. Now imagine you’re a Billionaire and you have the opportunity to pay $20 Million (1/50th of your fortune) to indulge in all your fantasies and perversions. Would you pay it? I think your answer is a big fuckin’ YES!

But why would they pay so much when they could go to Thailand or buy high-class escorts? Because they couldn’t do it with their privacy intact. They are maybe loaded with unlimited amounts of money but they have responsabilities and standards to live up to. Most of them are married, some of them are religious, and none of them want to take the risk to be arrested and/or stained by a sex scandal. So it make perfect sense to pay $20 Million to indulge your sexual fantasy without any suspicion pretending you are on Epstein’s Island for a meeting with fellow members of the Elite. You get away with just a little lie. You were indeed on Epstein’s Island for a meeting. You just lied about the with whom the meeting was… It’s certainly more subtle than going to Bangkok 10 times a year.

P.S. (The main source for everything concerning Jeffrey Epstein in this article is James Altucher, a reputable author, blogger, genius, and Wall Street investor.) 


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